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Anglo-Danish designer Lucy Kepp was born in France and grew up in the artists’ village of La Borne. The village is both known throughout France and internationally for its creative output of ceramics pottery.

Many trips to London get her fascinated about fashion.

With the foundation of an early creative life, Lucy went on to study costume designing and the artistry of tailoring.


She worked in Paris as a designer’s assistant and workshop director, creating costumes for l’Opera de Paris, cinema, theatre, and Haute Couture. She draws inspiration from many sources - the most baroque with Rudolf Nureyev’s ballets to the most contemporary with Robert Wilson’s Theater.

She has designed and sewn wedding dresses made to measure, and has been working as a designer for luxury pret-à-porter.


Lucy created her own brand in 2011.

The shop and studio settled in Sancerre in 2014. Sancerre is Internationally known for it's wine.


Her expressions are made with exquisite fabrics, mixing art and fashion. Her clothing and accessories support colors and gestures inspired by art techniques such as watercolor, graphics, calligraphy, sculpture. She declines them into paintings of silkmuslin, wool paintings, ribbon drawings pleated and sewn as a spontaneous origami - calligraphy. 

Unique touches made by hand give character to each piece.


Her original technique with ribbons and silk strokes give a very personnal expression to the creator’s sensibility: Art on fashion.

Most fabrics are oeko tex (planet friendly) or upcycled from luxury brands. The buttons are hand made by a craft artisan in France. The ribbons come from Italy. 

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